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Pubg Mobile Rank System and Awards

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Pubg Mobile Rankings are determined by the points earned at the end of the game. All ranks, except for the rank of "Ace" and "Conqueror", consist of 5 stages. (Bronz V - Bronz IV - Bronz III - Bronz II - Bronz I as)

The score between each level is generally "100" points. This means that you can take a rank or fall to a lower rank.

In addition, the ranks are reset every season.


Rank Points

Bronze: 1200-1699

Silver: 1700 - 2199

Gold:  2200- 2699

Platinum: 2700-3199

Diamond: 3200-3699

Crown: 3700-4199

Ace: There are server rankings, after that the first 500 players will reach the rank of Fatih (ranking is reset at 00:00 AM)

Conqueror: Server rankings




You can have various gifts as your rank increases. Rank awards given for the season 4 are shown in the picture above.

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